Thursday, September 4, 2008


The Mariah Carey concert was on 10 August.
If I bought a ticket for Mariah Carey concert , I would go to stadium menara .
I haven’t bought a ticket for Mariah Carey's concert.
Therefore , I didn’t go stadium menara .
(Denying the antecedent)

Last week was Macroeconomic class.
Iqbal said the Malaysian economy is growing very fast
Farid : I don’t think he has credibility to talk about economy.He didn’t attended even to one of his economy classes and has never done any assignment or read an article about it.
(ad hominom circumstantial)

Farid : I think Alan is a good student and really pays attention in class.
Med : I don't think so because i heard he takes drugs and i don't like the way of his dressing he is totally a punk.
(ad hominom abusive)

If Mr.Nizam doesn't help me on the course I will fail.If i fail i have to retake this subject again and i have to pay money again so i won't have enough sources to buy clothes and food and i will die from hunger with old torn clothes.
(ad populum appeal to indirect consequences(domino effect))

I was watching Malaysian football league and they didn’t play good at all so I can conclude they will never play good football at all.
(Argumentum a silentio)

Fernando Torres is the best goal striker in the English Premiership.
(Objective Statement)

English College

I'm from a sencondary school in Johor Bahru named Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar or well known as English College.
After form 5 all ex-students are required to register their name to the ECESA (English College Ex-students Association).
It's compulsory since it is done by our seniors.
Before becoming a prefect in English College, you have to attend a 3 night camp.It's is being lead by the senior prefects.We have to do things a they say.They will test you and train you to become the school's prefect.
Every year since the opening of the school,they did the night camp for new prefects.
Ad Popullum Appeals To Tradition

Mother Texting

My mother send me sms this morning. The message wrote like this "Son, are you coming home this weekend? Do you know you're cousin's birthday on this saturday and how could you even think of refusing to come and join the dinner with family?
From this text i could analyze it is a
Leading Question.

Alone At Home

when i go home sometimes, I am alone.
By that I mean none of my housemates are in the house and sometimes they both are inside so I am not alone.

If they are not inside they are outside.

They are outside

Therefore, they are not inside.

The above argument may be valid, but only if the claim "if he's outside, then he's not inside" follows from the first premise. Even in such a case, however, the validity stems not from affirming the consequent, but from the form modus ponens.

Jessica Alba!!!

I was packing some stuff and suddenly i saw this magazine.
After seeing Jessica Alba on the front cover i opened it a read the article about her.
So i'm thinkin of using Petito Prinicipii to analyze this statement.
The magazine had written down there and said,
I was wondering, who is the everyone that the
magazine had been pointed out.Maybe not everyone wants Jessica Alba,
people can have Jessica simpson's body also, right?
So, the magazine has no reason to say that everbody
wants Jessica Alba's body.

Malaysian Politics

Last week went Anwar Ibrahim won the Permatang Pauh seat it was no suprise to me because it him his fotress.2 days after he won he went to take an owth.Then he became the leader of the opposition party.

I went to go and meet Fit to have lunch together.Then we talked about the future of Malaysian Politics.

Here goes our conversation:

Me : Fit,so Anwar has win the Permatang Pauh seat.So how?

Fit : Emmm to tell u the truth i think Anwar will succeed with his plans to build a new goverment by 16 september.

Me: Huh? How is he going to do that? Doesnt it take more that 50% or parliment seat to built a new goverment?

Fit : Yes ofcourse.Sabah and Sarawak Mp's from Barisan Nasional are going to jump ship.I mean change to be in PKR.

Me : Really!!! Woaahhh...

Fit : Yeah2.Then he will become our 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia.And the 7th you know who.Hahahah

Me : yeah i do.Khairy Jamaluddin.hahhaha

From this conversation after i analyze it we just made an Indirect Consequences.

Hate When This Happens

I remembered i sprained my leg during playing futsal. The doctor put cement on my leg and i have to sit on a wheel chair, therefore it has been very boring staying alone in the house and being unable to move around. But today, my parents are coming to bring me home. I felt so happy that i could go home today and no longer need to be bored staying alone in the apartment when my house-mates go to class. I realized that in this process, i went through the three levels of feelings, sensations-emotions-interpretations.

In the 1st level, my parents told me that they are coming to fetch me.

2nd level, i feel happy and in the

last level, i don't have to feel bored anymore because i'm going back to my home sweet home.

Apologize Lyrics

I love to hear a song “Apologize” from One Republic feat Timbaland. It is a nice song from the lyric itself and also the melody of the song.

There are parts of the lyric that I think related to critical thinking (again..hehehe) Here they are:

I'd take another chane, take the fall,
Take a shot for you
And I need you like a heart needs a beat
But it's nothing new
I loved you with a fire red-Now it's turning blue,
And you say..."Sorry" like the angel heaven let me think was you
but I'm afraid...
It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late”


“I'd take another chance, take a fall
Take a shot for you
My assumption for this lyric is he would do everything for the girl whom he loves and he wants the girl be his girlfriend, his love.
He would make any sacrifice to get her love.

And I need you like a heart needs a beat
But it's nothing new
This is a Simile. There’s a comparative qualifier “like”.He really needs the girl for his life. It sounds he can not live without her. (Assumption)

I loved you with a fire red-Now it's turning blue
It is a metaphor. He loves her very much (fire red), really lover her.But then, he doesn’t love her anymore (turning blue), I’m sure there are reasons why he doesn’t love her anymore.

And you say..."Sorry" like the angel heaven let me think was you
It is a Simile. He describes the girl says Sorry like angel.I think the girl tries to say Sorry from the bottom of her heart. She knows that she’s wrong. That is my assumption.

but I'm afraid...
It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late..
Assumption : He wants to tell the girl if he’s really sick because of what she has done to him. He doesn’t want her come into his heart or life again even she tries to say sorry. It is too late for her to fix all the bad things that have happened to both of them which make their relationship broke up.


Here's an interesting ads of Evian Water I found in Google:

This ads stated that:
Get skin so goodYou want to show it off
74% of people drinking an extra liter of Evian pure natural mineral water per
day notice their skin looking smoother, more hydrated, and as a result visibly

The objective of this ads actually is to convince people to purchase the Evian Mineral Water advertised, so the unstated conclusion of this ad that we should buy and drink Evian brand mineral water...

The premise is, if you drink Evian Mineral water, your skin will look better, assuming that eveyone likes better-looking skin. However, what we realy see in the conclusion that our skin will look better only if we drink evian.

Probably, we could get our skin smoother and more hydronated by drinking any brand of mineral water, not only Evian! Or, probably again, non mineral water like old tap water, will also can make the same effect. Even fluids will likely works, such as fruit juices and milk. In other words, drink an extra liter of water or just extra fluids and you will get better looking skin, more hydrated, and visibly younger!

In contrast, suppose that drinking were a necessary condition for smoother skin, then we would just have to go out and buy Evian. Fortunately, the ad doesn't give us a good reason to buy an expensive mineral water, rather than just drinking more of the drink we want!


I chatted with my buddy this night,, we talked about many things, until we come up with a new topic about boys n girls cheating habit, hahaha..

Many people said that Men cheat more than women... But he really didn't agree with that statement...

Amir : "Actually the percentage of Men and Women cheating are the same, 50:50."

Me :"Humm, are you sure, Amir?? "How did you get that statistical data?? Hehe..."

Amir :"The number of Boys and Girls whom cheating with his or her couples, I have seen so far are same. I looked at my friends in campus, women cheat a lot! I have been the victim too, haha,"

He also argued that many people think that men are cheat more than women because they are likely to get caught and women hide it better,,,

Thank you for my Critical Thinking subject that i take this semester, i didn't accept his statement easily, because Amir has just made an invalid argument.

Why it is invalid?

Because the conclusion arrived from the facts that are not 100% guaranteed true, because that sample does not consist of all possible evidence.
It involves an incomplete sample. Because of this the conclusion became follow probably from the premise.
And also the quality of the data or sample he has is not qualified enough to draw the inference that the number of women and men cheating are same.
And his statement that many people think that men are cheat more than women because they are likely to get caught and women hide it better are causal argument that makes his statement become inductive reasoning.